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Dental Filling

Dental patient looking at dentistTooth decay and cavities are not the same things; however tooth decay will cause you to have cavities. Tooth decay, also known as dental caries, begins as plaque which is sticky and builds up on the teeth. When the bacteria in the plaque produce acid, and if left untreated, it will affect the surface of teeth by corroding the enamel. This will eventually cause tooth decay. A hole is formed on the teeth and this will cause you to get a cavity. The effects that are caused by tooth decay are reversible and can be prevented. If you have regular dental exams this will help the dentist in detecting oral health issues like cavities early on. Our dental specialists at Detailed Dental Care will use fillings to fill a cavity caused by tooth decay.

Dealing with Tooth Decay

You can apply a fluoride gel to the teeth and this helps in demineralization and the affected tooth repairs itself. The dentist will recommend the use of an antimicrobial mouthwash as well as an antiseptic gel that is applied to reduce the cavity-causing bacterial levels in the mouth. The dentist can recommend liquid composite sealants to create the physical barrier in the teeth and bacteria. The treatment options change from prevention to restoration when the tooth decay has caused a cavity already. The dentist repairs the tooth by cleaning the affected area and filling the hole. The dentist is ready to do fillings to fill your cavity.

Prevention is Better Than Cure

When it comes to dental health, preventing oral ailments remains the best way of maintaining perfect and prime health. For one, it is relatively cheaper to prevent oral ailments than it is to treat them. You should therefore employ all measures to ensure that you prevent decay and cavities from developing on your teeth.

Cavities are Irreversible

Even though technology has advanced dramatically improving the dentistry profession significantly, it does not mean that you allow yourself to get decay or cavities. You should remember that cavities are irreversible. You might get effective treatment through fillings, but this will not make them go away.

Fillings on their part are not permanent, and you will need to come in for repeat visits to refill or replace the old filling material. In severe cases, the cavity can cause you to lose your tooth completely. When this happens, you will be required to undertake complex dental procedures such as dental implants to try and restore your oral health.

Properly Brush and Floss Your Teeth Daily

You can prevent dental cavities from developing with proper dental hygiene practices. Ensure that you floss and brush your teeth twice daily to remove food particles and prevent the accumulation of dental plaque. In this way, you can keep cavities at bay.

Regular Dental Visits

When you come to Detailed Dental Care we will help you maintain optimal hygiene through procedures such as dental exams and cleanings. If you already have cavities we can treat them with fillings. Call us at (516) 875-6774 to schedule an appointment and receive effective filling treatment.

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