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Laser Dentistry

Close up of laser dentistry toolLaser dentistry has been around since 1989. It is often the preferred choice of patients since it tends to be more comfortable than other treatments. This is a simple and efficient method that can be used to treat many different dental conditions. With laser dentistry, our dentist is able to use a small light beam to manipulate tissues and restore functioning. Our dental professionals at Detailed Dental Care offer laser dentistry and can give you more information during your office visit.

Why Laser Dentistry Is Important

Laser dentistry helps to treat a variety of dental health conditions. Oral health problems are common, but you need to receive treatment as soon as possible. These issues cause you to lose function and can alter your appearance. Teeth are also connected to the gums and blood stream, so any infection present in them can travel through the body. This could lead to a wide variety of health complications.

Laser dentistry is an alternative to many traditional dental treatments. It is typically preferred by dentists and patients for its simplicity and comfort. During most laser dentistry treatment, anesthesia is not needed. This makes recovery time and the procedure, itself, a lot shorter. You will not need to wait for numbness to wear off and laser dentistry often causes less damage, like the need for suturing.

Laser dentistry procedures are also more cost effective for patients. Because anesthesia is not needed, your cost is lowered. Dental conditions can also be treated more quickly with laser dentistry, meaning fewer sessions are needed. This is more streamlined and direct than other types of treatment. These typically require fewer appointments and less treatment, which would also drop the cost.

Uses of Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry can be used for both hard and soft tissue dental conditions. There are different styles of lasers used, but both can be employed in a variety of situations. These can cut through or remove soft tissue as well as reshape tissues and other parts of your mouth.

Hard tissue lasers are able to cut through teeth. These have light waves that are absorbed by your teeth, through the water and minerals in them. The laser is able to cut through your teeth, reshape them, and prepare them for various dental procedures. These lasers can also be used for filling preparation, cavity detection, and treatment for tooth sensitivity.

Soft tissue lasers are similar, but they are absorbed by hemoglobin and water in soft tissues (gums). Hemoglobin is contained in red blood cells and is a protein. This is not present in your teeth, which is why they require a hard tissue laser. Soft tissue lasers can be used to lengthen crowns, reshape gums, remove tissue folds, and treat tongue frenulum attachment.

Laser dentistry is also used to prepare teeth and gums for a number of dental procedures. Some other uses for laser dentistry include tumor removal, tissue viewing, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) treatment, sleep apnea treatment, cold sore treatment, teeth whitening, and nerve regeneration.

At your appointment, our dental team will explain these treatments in more detail and help you determine if laser dentistry is a good option for you. To schedule your appointment, call Detailed Dental Care at (516) 875-6774.

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